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In the June issue

We’re halfway through the year, folks! We hope it has been a productive and successful six months for all our readers—but if not, the year is still far from over. In the June issue, we have a heap of news,...

Amazon criticised for removing online book reviews from website

Amazon has drawn criticism from authors, bloggers and publishers for removing reviews from its online book listings, reports the Bookseller. According to reports, some Amazon customers have had all their reviews removed or are blocked from posting further reviews on the website. Amazon has...

Beau Kondos on ‘The Path of the Lost’

Describe your latest book in under 50 words. The Path of the Lost is a YA fantasy novel based in the Cosm, a world where creative expression has been outlawed. Those who dare to practice art can harness magic from...

Upcoming events

June Kids and YA Festival, (30 June) Sydney, NSW July Children’s and Young Adult Writers and Illustrators (CYA) Conference, (7 July) Brisbane, QLD Telling Tales in Balingup, (7-8 July) Balingup, WA WA Writing and Publishing Sector Forum, (10-11 July) Perth,...

5 fresh ideas for promoting an indie book

As an indie author, all book marketing and promotion is entirely your responsibility. The amount of people your book lands in front of comes down to the promotion strategies that you develop. But when it comes to promoting an indie book, it...
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