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FAQ with the ISBN team

This month, the ISBN team address questions on how to use the MyIdentifiers website to manage your account and title information. Here are two questions that they often get asked:

Can I change title detail (metadata) on MyIdentifiers once assigned and uploaded?

You can correct title detail by clicking on the title or ISBN in the ISBN Dashboard to open the record.

Make any needed corrections to title detail (your book’s metadata) by typing over it and then clicking ‘save’. Your edited title detail will be submitted to Books in Print.

If you are entering book detail before the title has gone to print, it is recommended that you choose the ‘Forthcoming’ status on the ‘Sales & Pricing’ page.

Remember that once your book is successfully uploaded to Books in Print it will become live on the internet within four to six weeks.

If you are unsure of the title and other relevant details for your book, it is best not to fill in all the mandatory fields—this way the title record will be saved to your desktop and not be uploaded. You can return to complete and submit the title to Books in Print when you’re ready.

Can I update my Publisher name on MyIdentifiers?

Yes, you can, but this cannot be done via your MyIdentifiers online account. You need to email us at quoting your existing Publisher name and one of your ISBNs as reference. State what you would like your Publisher name changed to and we will update it within 24-48 hours.

For any queries on ISBNs or other MyIdentifiers Publisher products, please call (03) 8517-8349 or email the team at


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