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Self-publishing podcast ‘Go Publish Yourself’ launched

IngramSpark has launched the first season of its self-publishing podcast Go Publish Yourself.

The podcast was launched earlier this month to provide self-publishing information in an alternative format, with four episodes currently listed on the IngramSpark website. ‘Since people take in information in diverse ways, the podcast helps us round out the delivery of our educational materials,’ said IngramSpark director Robin Cutler.

Offering two seasons per year with 12 episodes per season, the podcast will cover topics such as commentary on the current self-publishing landscape, how to sell books to indie bookstores and how to optimise a book’s metadata for sales.

Co-hosts Cutler and IngramSpark acquisition program manager Justine Bylo will be joined by experts from essential fields in the publishing industry to provide the content for the episodes. ‘As the series moves forward, we plan to showcase the author experience and how IngramSpark fits into the journey,’ said Cutler.

The podcasts are transcribed into text and available on the website, and episodes are also available from all major podcast platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.


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