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FAQ with the ISBN team

Why doesn’t my ISBN come up in an internet search?

All publisher and title information that is supplied to us via our MyIdentifiers website is included in our publications: Bowker Books In Print, Bowker Syndetic Solutions and Bookwire.

These publications are sold on subscription to those in the industry who are researching and purchasing titles regularly, such as bookstores and libraries.

Unfortunately there is no international index/database/website available free to the public, where all titles issued ISBNs are listed.

Generally, titles do end up appearing on other ‘book find’ websites or databases as many online booksellers get a data feed from Thorpe-Bowker to populate their sites.

When you send a copy of your title to the National Library for Legal Deposit it will appear on the Trove catalogue and the National Library Catalogue

Your title will also appear on Google Books but it does take approximately two months to appear once you have entered the title details into your MyIdentifiers account.

Can I use the same ISBN that I have for my paperback on my ebook?

Your ebook version will need its own ISBN. Ebooks are usually produced in two formats: MOBI and EPUB. Each of these formats should have their own ISBN.

I am producing a second edition of my title; do I need a new ISBN?

You will only need to have a new ISBN assigned if :

  1. The title is changing.
  2. The format will be changing, for example, from hardback to a paperback.
  3. If the contents will be changing more than approximately 10%.

If not, you can use the original ISBN, providing that it is a 13-digit ISBN. If it is a 10-digit ISBN you can convert to the new standard 13-digit version at for your new edition.


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