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FAQ with the ISBN team

What is is a Bowker platform that provides publishers with tools and resources to purchase and assign book identifiers such as ISBNs, SANs, QR codes and others. provides a host of discoverability services and solutions for publishers including automated tools to update or add to their title listings in Bowker’s Books in Print database. Additionally, authors and publishers that purchase ISBNs and provide bibliographic details about their titles, automatically receive a listing on Bowker’s Bookwire.

I already send my information in an Excel or ONIX file. How can help me?

If you supply title information to Thorpe-Bowker in Excel or ONIX format, you can use to access your listings, check titles, or make up-to-the-minute changes. You can do this online, and you will not need to create a new file or send a full update. Urgent changes to status, price, or title information can be made immediately. (Just ensure that the change also appears in your next file to Thorpe-Bowker, so we don’t overwrite your work with incorrect information.)

The My Identifiers Dashboard can also be used to enrich your title listings with cover images and descriptions. In addition, stay connected to book buyers, librarians, and Thorpe-Bowker’s retail customers by updating your company information in You can add website and email information, update your list of distributed clients, or provide contact information to our customers. allows you to update or enhance this information at your convenience.


Have an ISBN question? You can also visit the MyIdentifiers website or phone (03) 8517-8349 for more information.


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