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Comic-Con author profile: Marissa Price

Describe your latest book in under 50 words.

Into the Abyss is Shakespeare meets Outlander. The latest instalment, Scourge of Scotland, is a magical realism novel where worlds collide, based on the brilliance and bloodbath that is Macbeth.

Why self-publish?

The technical process of publishing is something that I felt confident doing on my own. I was offered a contract on the first novel, Vault of Verona, but the terms weren’t favourable and I worked out that I would be paying a lot for things I could do myself. Don’t get me wrong, traditional publishing still has a prestige and presence in the industry that self-publishers have to work hard for, but the playing field is levelling. I also wanted to show that I could, and control the work that I put out into the world. Marketing is perhaps the hardest part, but every day is a learning experience.

What year did you start and where are you based?

I published Vault of Verona on 5 July 2017, and I started writing it in December 2016. I’m fairly new to the scene of publishing; I’m still feeling my way in many respects, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. In July I’ll be presenting at the Australian Literacy Educators Association Conference in Perth on ways to bring Shakespeare into the 21st Century, and I love writing a series that celebrates female agency and ability.

I’m based near Bribie Island, which is an idyllic little spot in Queensland about 40 minutes from the Brisbane airport. I love where I live and the community that I’m a part of.

What will you publish next?

The third title in the ‘Into the Abyss’ series, Angst of Athens, is due out in 2019. It’s based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream and is very different to the first two fractured tragedies. I also write for the Refresh Co and the Regionalist, both online publications in very different spheres. I write articles on Australian content and popular culture, and domestic and international foreign policy respectively. I’m a complicated person!



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