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WA Tourism grants help visitor centre self-publish

The Dryandra Country Visitor Centre in Western Australia has revealed refurbishments and technology updates, including a newly self-published guidebook, after receiving two grants worth nearly $90,000, reports the West Australian.

Visitor centre manager Geire Kami said that one of the two grants from Tourism WA was used for refurbishment, including interpretive areas for tourists to learn about the Indigenous history of the region, while the other grant was used to update the centre’s equipment, including computers and software.

‘This allowed me to put more focus into a self-published biodiversity guide project, which introduces tourists to the amazing things on offer in Cuballing and Narrogin,’ said Kami.

‘We have been told by [tourism organisation] Australia’s Golden Outback that we are without doubt the only visitor centre in Australia which is self-publishing local attraction guides to encourage tourists to stop.’

The centre has plans to release two more guidebooks.


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