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ALLi launches new self-publishing campaign

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), a UK-based non-profit independent author organisation, has launched a new campaign called Self-publishing 3.0, according to a press release about their forthcoming white paper on the concept.

The #selfpub3.0 campaign promotes ‘true independence’ for authors, encouraging authors to focus on their own websites as the ‘hub’ of their publishing business rather than putting all their intellectual property into the hands of other businesses, such as trade publishers or self-publishing services.

ALLi founder Orna Ross said that the rise of personal branding, mindful consumption and mobile phone reading among consumers, combined with digital publishing technology, has created ‘more favourable conditions than ever before for author businesses’.

‘But only authors who have developed an independent, creative and empowered mindset, who understand the value of their intellectual property, can benefit from these opportunities,’ said Ross.

The campaign also encourages authors to have a variety of income streams such as direct sales, subscription models and crowdsourcing, and to have a wide distribution network using retailers and other services to distribute in all formats.

For more information on ALLi and the campaign, click here.


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