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New pricing model at PublishDrive

PublishDrive, a global ebook distribution platform for authors and independent publishers, has introduced a new subscription pricing option, reports Publishers Weekly.

Under the new plan, authors will pay a flat fee of $100 per month and keep all of their sales revenue, no matter how much they sell.

PublishDrive CEO Kinga Jentetics said that the new model is optional and authors are still able to use PublishDrive’s traditional royalty share model, whereby the platform takes 10% of all book sales and authors receive 60% of the list price of the ebook.

‘We talked to authors and figured out that for a reasonable monthly fixed fee, they would love to keep all of their titles, operations, sales data and analytics in one place—instead of spending countless hours handling everything on their own,’ said Jentetics.

‘We believe with the new pricing option, authors will not only lower their distribution costs, but also save way more precious time to focus on writing,’ she said.

PublishDrive is combining the subscription model with its real-time sales analytics tracking tool. The company now reaches more than 400 digital stores in 70 countries and has a roster of more than 4500 publishers.


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