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Self-publishing marketplace Reedsy launches new marketing platform for authors

In the UK, self-publishing marketplace Reedsy has launched a new marketing platform for authors, Reedsy Discovery, reports Forbes.

The book review portal will alert readers to new books its expert reviewers have recommended each week. Users will also have access to curated digital bookshelves, preview chapters, a weekly newsletter of top books across genres, and will be able to connect with other readers over the platform.

Self-published authors are charged US$50 (A$70) for exposure on the site and can make their books available to reviewers for download prior to their book launch date.

Reedsy CEO and co-founder Emmanuel Nataf told the Bookseller’s FutureBook ‘as most authors are not interested in marketing and the self-publishing market keeps growing, we felt we had to do more to help authors reach their audience’.

Nataf said the platform is aimed at ‘a range of people’, including authors, reviewers and readers. ‘For reviewers, it’s an opportunity to build their audience … readers get a space to follow new indie releases and share them with friends, plus curated selections of books in their favorite genres,’ said Nataf.

Reedsy was founded in 2014 and includes 150,000 authors in its community, as well as editors, designers, marketers and ghostwriters.


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