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How do bookstores find out about self-published titles?

3 June 2019
For the past few months, Books+Publishing has been asking Australian book buyers—the people responsible for selecting which books are stocked on a bookstore’s shelves—how they find out about new books...

The author next door: Stocking self-published books

28 March 2019
Kelsey Oldham talks to booksellers about stocking self-published books. Most Australian bookshops acknowledge that stocking self-published books is important—in theory. In practice, however, store policies are often opaque or ad-hoc,...

Debunking copyright myths for self-publishers

29 November 2018
This month, Jo Teng, a senior lawyer at the Australian Copyright Council, explains Australian copyright for self-publishers.  As a self-publisher, you have total control over your book. You get to...

Comic-Con author profile: Marianna Shek

28 June 2018
Describe your latest book in under 50 words. The Stolen Button is a fairytale picture book about a spoilt girl, Mei Ling, who gets lost inside a mirror maze and...

Comic-Con author profile: Felix Long

28 June 2018
Describe your latest book in under 50 words. My latest book is To Conquer Heaven. It follows Jeremy Wang, who has found a clue to the location of the lost...

Comic-Con author profile: Marissa Price

28 June 2018
Describe your latest book in under 50 words. Into the Abyss is Shakespeare meets Outlander. The latest instalment, Scourge of Scotland, is a magical realism novel where worlds collide, based...

Double act: Hybrid authors on publishing both ways

18 December 2017
A new breed of hybrid authors are experimenting with self-publishing alongside traditional publishing. Jackie Tang and Andrea Hanke, editors of book industry newsletter Books+Publishing, spoke to John Birmingham, Judy Horacek...

Talkback: Authors and booksellers on stocking self-published books

9 November 2017
With a number of traditionally published authors moving into self-publishing, there’s never been a greater demand for bricks-and-mortar bookstores to stock self-published titles. Books+Publishing's editor-in-chief Andrea Hanke asked hybrid author...