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Sue Liu on ‘Accidental Aid Worker’

22 February 2018
Author and communications professional Sue Liu self-published her travel memoir in 2015. She has since released two new editions of her book, and has run self-publishing workshops through the State...

The POD process explained in 8 simple steps

24 January 2018
Many authors and self-publishers would have come across the term 'print on demand (POD)' during the course of publishing, but there may be some confusion around what the term means...

FAQ with the ISBN team

17 January 2018
This month, the ISBN team address questions on how to use the MyIdentifiers website to manage your account and title information. Here are two questions that they often get asked:...

Alison Croggon on ‘New and Selected Poems 1991-2017​’

18 December 2017
Alison Croggon, award-winning novelist, poet, librettist and critic, self-published a collection of poetry, New and Selected Poems 1991-2017, in August 2017. Croggon spoke with Australian Self-Publisher about her decision to...

Book formatting: From your screen to IngramSpark’s POD platform

18 December 2017
Julie-Ann Harper, self-publishing expert and founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group, regularly assists authors who encounter problems with uploading their files to IngramSpark’s print-on-demand and distribution platform. Here, she shares...

Double act: Hybrid authors on publishing both ways

18 December 2017
A new breed of hybrid authors are experimenting with self-publishing alongside traditional publishing. Jackie Tang and Andrea Hanke, editors of book industry newsletter Books+Publishing, spoke to John Birmingham, Judy Horacek...

8 ways to change a failing sales strategy

18 December 2017
Does your sales strategy need some sprucing-up for the new year? Brian Jud, marketing consultant and executive director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (US), shares some insights...

FAQs with the ISBN team

5 December 2017
Why do I need a barcode? The assignment of a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to each title is often a requirement for selling your titles through major retailers...

Talkback: Authors and booksellers on stocking self-published books

9 November 2017
With a number of traditionally published authors moving into self-publishing, there’s never been a greater demand for bricks-and-mortar bookstores to stock self-published titles. Books+Publishing's editor-in-chief Andrea Hanke asked hybrid author...

Kristin Weidenbach on ‘Growing up Moonta’

6 November 2017
After having seven books traditionally published with both big and small publishers—adult biography, children’s picture books, commissioned histories—to commercial and critical success, author Kristin Weidenbach chose to self-publish her latest...

FAQs with the ISBN team

6 November 2017
Have an ISBN question? The Australian ISBN agency is staffed by Maria and Ruth, two long-serving members of the Identifier Services team with a wealth of experience between them, who...

7 self-publishing tips for beginners

6 November 2017
Julie-Ann Harper is the founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing and Authors Wish, a platform that offers self-publishing tools and services for independent authors. Here, she shares her tips for getting...





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