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IngramSpark launches brand new website

28 October 2019
For the past few months, IngramSpark has been hard at work laying out an entirely new online experience for indie authors. Now, they’re sharing it with the world. Check it...

Networking tips for authors

29 November 2018
Why network? For some authors, the concept of ‘networking’ is like pulling teeth—painful and to be avoided at all costs. However, it could present useful opportunities, and there are different...

9 steps to selling your book to independent bookstores

30 October 2018
As much as writing books is a passion and business for authors, selling books is a passion and the only business for independent booksellers. And while independent bookstores are known for being...

7 tips for great book covers

31 August 2018
As much as we try to rise above it all and not be judgemental, we really do judge books by their covers. With thousands of English-language books published every month,...

5 fresh ideas for promoting an indie book

29 June 2018
As an indie author, all book marketing and promotion is entirely your responsibility. The amount of people your book lands in front of comes down to the promotion strategies that you develop....

The POD process explained in 8 simple steps

24 January 2018
Many authors and self-publishers would have come across the term 'print on demand (POD)' during the course of publishing, but there may be some confusion around what the term means...

Book formatting: From your screen to IngramSpark’s POD platform

18 December 2017
Julie-Ann Harper, self-publishing expert and founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group, regularly assists authors who encounter problems with uploading their files to IngramSpark’s print-on-demand and distribution platform. Here, she shares...

8 ways to change a failing sales strategy

18 December 2017
Does your sales strategy need some sprucing-up for the new year? Brian Jud, marketing consultant and executive director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (US), shares some insights...

7 self-publishing tips for beginners

6 November 2017
Julie-Ann Harper is the founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing and Authors Wish, a platform that offers self-publishing tools and services for independent authors. Here, she shares her tips for getting...