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The POD process explained in 8 simple steps

24 January 2018
Many authors and self-publishers would have come across the term 'print on demand (POD)' during the course of publishing, but there may be some confusion around what the term means...

Book formatting: From your screen to IngramSpark’s POD platform

18 December 2017
Julie-Ann Harper, self-publishing expert and founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group, regularly assists authors who encounter problems with uploading their files to IngramSpark’s print-on-demand and distribution platform. Here, she shares...

8 ways to change a failing sales strategy

18 December 2017
Does your sales strategy need some sprucing-up for the new year? Brian Jud, marketing consultant and executive director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (US), shares some insights...

7 self-publishing tips for beginners

6 November 2017
Julie-Ann Harper is the founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing and Authors Wish, a platform that offers self-publishing tools and services for independent authors. Here, she shares her tips for getting...





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