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In the May Issue

28 May 2018
The May issue of Australian Self-Publisher includes the top news of the month and offers more self-publishing tips for our readers. As we head towards tax time, author Ellie Marney...

In the April issue

26 April 2018
The April issue of Australian Self-Publisher covers the latest news and tips to help you on your self-publishing journey. Read Ellie Marney’s article on self-publishers' legal requirements if you’re new...

In the February issue

22 February 2018
The February issue of Australian Self-Publisher delivers more of what you have been asking for. We introduce Ellie Marney—hybrid author and self-publisher extraordinaire—who will be writing for us over the next...

In the January newsletter

24 January 2018
The first issue of Australian Self-Publisher this year contains the latest self-publishing and book industry news; an important announcement from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); some handy information from the...

Introducing ‘Australian Self-Publisher’

13 November 2017
Welcome to the first issue of Australian Self-Publisher. We are very excited to bring you a free monthly e-newsletter containing the latest Australian self-publishing news that will help keep you...





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