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In the June issue

29 June 2018
We’re halfway through the year, folks! We hope it has been a productive and successful six months for all our readers—but if not, the year is still far from over....

In the May Issue

28 May 2018
The May issue of Australian Self-Publisher includes the top news of the month and offers more self-publishing tips for our readers. As we head towards tax time, author Ellie Marney...

In the April issue

26 April 2018
The April issue of Australian Self-Publisher covers the latest news and tips to help you on your self-publishing journey. Read Ellie Marney’s article on self-publishers' legal requirements if you’re new...

In the February issue

22 February 2018
The February issue of Australian Self-Publisher delivers more of what you have been asking for. We introduce Ellie Marney—hybrid author and self-publisher extraordinaire—who will be writing for us over the next...

In the January newsletter

24 January 2018
The first issue of Australian Self-Publisher this year contains the latest self-publishing and book industry news; an important announcement from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); some handy information from the...

Introducing ‘Australian Self-Publisher’

13 November 2017
Welcome to the first issue of Australian Self-Publisher. We are very excited to bring you a free monthly e-newsletter containing the latest Australian self-publishing news that will help keep you...